I’m going to Miami….welcome to Miami

October 28, 2017 Ian Murray No comments exist

Ok, I know that it is ridiculous to title a post after a Will Smith song lyric, but hey, it popped into my head.  As you guessed by the title, my next race is in lovely Miami, FL.  Since the 70.3 World Championships, I have focused on my prep for the USA Triathlon Long Course National Championships at the Miami Man Triathlon.  Anybody up for a trip to Denmark next summer?

IM 70.3 Worlds for me was a preparatory event.  People have asked how I could treat such a high-profile race as a B race.  There is a really simple answer.  No way in hell was I going to make that podium.  Thus, I decided that I would enjoy the experience and use it to test myself for Miami Man to see where I was lacking.  Let me tell you, I figured out my weak points very early in the race.  Namely, I hadn’t put enough into the swim.

Tweaking the training – I gave myself two days off after Chattanooga and got back into training.  Two things were apparent.  I needed more time in the pool, and I needed more high-intensity work on the bike.  Three 900 TSS weeks (those are pretty hard weeks for the folks who don’t speak training nerd) with a total of one day off led to a near collapse.  That’s ok, as that was the plan.  I trained myself into the ground and was near exhaustion.  The recovery week that followed was absolutely horrible.  I could barely get the pedals to turn over, my swims were laughably slow, and my strength workouts paled in comparison to others that I had done over the previous months.  I was zapped.

That forced me to rest, which was the plan.  I had no desire to throw extra workouts in or push harder than planned.  I just wanted to sleep.

By Saturday of the recovery week, I began to feel ok.  Not strong.   Not great, but ok, which was way better than earlier in the week.  On Sunday, I still felt sluggish, so I cut my run a little short and went to breakfast with the wife.  I also took a nap on the couch, so that counted as a workout, too.

The week after recovery was my last big week before beginning to taper my training off for Miami Man.  I ended up going over 1000 TSS and putting in almost 15 hours of training, most of it having a fair amount of intensity. The previous build cycle had paid off.  I set new bests for 1000 and 2000 meters in the pool, nearly set bests for 100 and 200 meters, and had some phenomenal runs and rides.  Oh yeah, I was ready.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I also received a flu shot, put in more hours at work, and slept about 15 percent less each night.  By now,  you should see where this is headed.  Shortly after finishing my awesome week, my throat started to hurt, and my head began feeling congested.  Awesome!

Dealing with being sick – So, this week has been a wash.  Monday and Tuesday were ok.  I had good workouts, but I hadn’t planned on having great ones.  The plan was to recover a little from the previous week and work on some speed.  By Wednesday, that plan went out the window.  A bit of a fever meant that I got a visit from my good pal NyQuil and went back to bed for five hours.  On Thursday, I could barely muster the strength to do an easy spin for 30 minutes.  Friday meant more sleep after coming home from work, and I am finally feeling back to normal.  Although, I do plan on taking a nap this afternoon.

Today, the legs had some energy.  I put in a small effort to help out teammates during the TeamODZ Coffee Ride and then spun around the new course extension on Zwift.  Tomorrow, I will take in a light run on the treadmill and get ready for my taper week.

The road ahead – While I wouldn’t say that all systems are go right now, I’m glad that I got a little sick this past week vice this coming week.  I still have time to recover and rest before the race, and my training is complete.  Now it is about sharpening the blades before going into battle.  I have no idea how this race will unfold, as the bike does not lend itself to my talents.  To punch my ticket to the International Triathlon Union Worlds Championships as part of Team USA, I have to finish inside the top 18.  Of course, there are only about 400 competitors in my age group, so it will be a bit of an ask.  I think that I have a solid plan (hint:  it is to go faster than the other guys) for the race, though.

Ok, more to follow from this week.  I will try to get a little more of the experience out there as we head into race week.

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